Artificial Girl 2  -  人工少女2 Last Updated: August.29.2015
Game Details
Release Date: 2004/11/26
Total Files: 1
Total Size: 993 MB
Total Ratings: 21
Total Views: 542,789
Total Downloads: 65,506
Quality Rating: 8.6/10 (6 Votes)
Language Rating: Japanese
Censorship Rating: Uncensored
Download Format RAR
Disk Medium: DVD-ROM
Patches: Uncensored, English Interface
Producer: Illusion
Platform: Win98Se/Me/2000pro/XP
Genre: 3D nymph system software
Game Disk Files
Download Game Disks:  Disk 01
Commodity Introduction

Equipped with milk slider "Infinity (MUGEN)" .
Artificial girl's 2 freely changing the size of the chest by adjusting the slider became possible.

It came to be able to set the color of the nipple and the color of shape and the skin.
Artificial girl 2 can set the color and the shape of the nipple. Moreover, the color of the skin can be set.

The setting of the hairstyle became possible.
The hairstyle ..< forelock, back hair, and sending.. is set by the combinations of Cami and hair color >.

It came to be able to set the colors of the eyebrow and eyes.
Artificial girl 2 can set the color of one's eyes, shape, and the thickness etc. of the eyebrow.

It came to be able to set the blood type.
Artificial girl 2 can set even girl's blood type. The voice and the character etc. of the character change by setting the blood type.

The setting of clothes became possible.
Artificial girl 2 can change clothes by combining girl's pants and jacket and skirt, etc.
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GAME STATISTICS  -  Artificial Girl 2
Japanese Name:人工少女2
Last Updated:August.29.2015
Total Files:1 Files - 993 MB (1,041,376,035 bytes)
File Size:993 MB (1,041,376,035 bytes)
Total Ratings:21
Total Views:542,789
Total Downloads:65,506
Quality Rating:8.6/10 (6 Votes)
Language Rating:Japanese
Censorship Rating:Uncensored
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Views: 542,789
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Quality: 8.6/10
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