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MOVIE STATISTICS  -  School Of Bondage - 03
Orie Yuki is trapped in the science lab. Her best friend, Korin, is completely controlled by her sexual desires, thanks to the work of Remi. Add in Keisuke and it becomes one giant orgy.

The principal finds them, but he too succumbs to his libido. Students and teachers, teachers and students. The school becomes utter chaos! The 3rd and final volume of the hit animation! The ultimate lessons in sex turn humans into beasts!
Last Updated:October.09.2015
File Size:195 MB (205,281,280 bytes)
Duration:28 Minutes 02 Seconds
Total Ratings:0
Total Views:2,892
Total Downloads:115,930
Quality Rating:6/10
Language Rating:English Subtitled
Censorship Rating:Uncensored
Format:H264 In An MP4 Container
Release Group:HH
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